offset \ˈȯf-ˌset\ noun

a force or influence that makes an opposing force ineffective or less effective

Rest (not REST)

Seems like I've been starting drafts of new articles, but nothing either sticks or is polished enough for publishing. I guess it's not an uncommon occurrence when writing a blog and happens to the best of us.

To fight this slump, I have decided to just go on and publish something and so, instead of a concrete topic, here is a breakdown of some of the things we've been doing for some time now and other stuff that happened.

Programming: Mostly poking around. Vesna is still learning the React framework so we hope to publish some new things as well as revisit some old ones. To say that we should push hard as the end of the year approaches is an understatement.

Art: I'm sketching every day. I'm even thinking about turning it into a 365 challenge since I've been sketching for nearly a hundred days now. As usual, you can check the progress in my DeviantArt scrapbook. Inktober also came and went, but I didn't feel confident to try it. The painting part is clumsy and it seems like I need more time for it, but time is difficult to find. I bought Corel Painter 2016 just recently to put a bit more pressure on myself, that's always a good idea. I've watched all the videos on the CtrlPaint, but I still need to read up on some art theory.

Social concern: The summit on the climate change is happening in Paris these days. There was a worldwide protest that we attended here in Dublin. Unfortunately, in Croatia there's little to no press coverage on this important topic. It is vital to show the people in power that we need the change, but (for good or bad) I still can't fight the jaded feeling that the march was used as a platform for scoring political points under the guise of environmental concern.

There is so much going wrong in the world at any point in time. China is under-reporting its coal usage and I doubt that the rest of the countries are being completely upfront with the real numbers.

In other news, we are overusing antibiotics and the bacteria's resistance is going rampant. We might see the future where we are unable to fight simple bacteria if we don't the use of antibiotic with more responsibility. Their use in mass farming contributes to the resistance.

On the upside, the ban on cosmetics that are tested on animals is in place in the EU since 2013. I still get to learn something new every day.