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a force or influence that makes an opposing force ineffective or less effective

Cuply - Hydroponics Greenhouse Cabinet Powered by Django Channels and Arduino - Conclusion

I'm in the process of making a greenhouse out of a glass cabinet that sits on our balcony. Inside it, there's to be a plethora of sensors and actuators hooked up to Arduino Due microcontroller, which is in turn connected to an old Raspberry Pi. The software stack is Django with Channels in the back-end, and React with some D3 in the front-end. It was a project long time in development, and this series of articles will explore it from the inception to the latest product.

  1. Overview
  2. Hardware
  3. Back-end
  4. Front-end
  5. Conclusion ← You are here

The devil is in the details. Right now the system works, but as with all long-running projects, this one will need some time to see if it's viable. As of time of this writing, there are contacts loose and the relays are breaking down sometimes. I need to tighten up the contacts and stop using the breadboard which was a proof of concept anyway. Moving on from prototyping into a real product will mean that I need to sit down and start soldering on the connections. With all the #revengetravel happening, I was putting it off for quite some time.

Making Cuply pretty will mean that the mechanism will get enclosed in a proper box where I can only have the necessary connections sticking out. For power, communication and sensors. I will utilize 3D printer mentioned before for some of the stuff.

At the moment, Cuply code lives in the repository online, but I need to clean it up and write up some documentation. With all that has been happening this summer, it was hard to keep up. Things are flowing if nothing. Not overflowing :)